TULU NIDHI (Tulu Community Charitable Fund) was formed by Tulu Community UK in 2013 for the benefit of needy people in India especially in Tulu Nadu. We plan  to make this  our key focus. Members are already supporting causes locally from  the UK, US , India and other parts of the world. Getting involved in  such acts of charity, help us ingrain such habits in our children.


Supporting families in need of any financial help like,www.mowatches.me helping children to pursue higher education, covering medical expenses, helping schools in villages with basic necessities like uniforms, meals and staff salary, help during natural disasters, organizing donation drives, etc. The possibilities are limitless. We urge you to get involved in a cause of your choice, and feel free to share  your ideas on similar activities.


Managing  committee will operate the Tulu Nidhi during the tenure of the Committee. Managing committee shall operate this  fund following the guidelines that the donated money will be used for charitable work and a small part of it towards the general administration of the Tulu community organization. Managing committee will distribute the list of donors at the annual general meeting.


Anyone wishing to direct the entire amount donated towards charity are requested to drop in a request to admin@tulucommunity.org. The member in charge will revert back to the request soon.

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Charity by Tulu Community UK

Aruna (5), daughter of Santosh and Janitha Kumari K, residing at Kuthyadi House, Janatha Quarters, Ariyadka village and post, Puttur taluk, Dakshina Kannada district, who is studying in first standard, has been suffering from Hodgkins lymphoma, a type of Blood Cancer. She is undergoing treatment in a hospital in Mangalore. Dr Vigneshwara Bhat of Amritha Clinic, Kumbra, Puttur Taluk, has certified that the girl needs about two years of treatment for her condition, and estimated that five to six lakh rupees will be required during this period to meet her treatment expenses. The parents of the girl work as coolies and have no source of income to fall back on. They say they have already raised huge loans towards the girls treatment so far, as she falls ill often. Aruna is the only offspring of the couple, and they want to provide her treatment and make her future bright. As the family is unable to think of any other means to meet treatment expenses of their daughter, they have requested willing donors to extend possible help. Tulu Community UK has contributed Rs.4500 towards Aruna's treatment. www.keyclone.me


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