Tulu community is proud of Pratham Shetty who has achieved various milestones in the field of Swimming at a very young age. Pratham Shetty son of Mr.Prathvinath Shetty and Mrs.Sowmyalatha Shetty Aikala Mangalore, he has won various accolades, he specialises in breast stroke and has won numerous trophies in the same.

Pratham started swimming at the age of 3 years and practiced swimming at David Lloyds club till the clone watches
age of 6yrs. At age of 7 Pratham swimming career began after displaying incredible raw talent for the sport and a strong competitive instinct and got enrolled to Runnymede swimming club and has been training there till date. Now he is regarded as the best swimmer of his age group in the club.

Pratham recently

swam 2.5km in 43min to help raise funds for a cancer society and ranked third in the United Kingdom. Tulu community wishes Pratham all the very best for his future and hope he makes it very big.

Rishan Chopra 16+

Rishan Chopra (age 16+) son of Mr Sanjeev Chopra (native:- Farid court Punjab) and Mrs Anila Sanjeev (native:- Pandeshwar Mangalore) is currently playing cricket for the under 17 years team. He has played for school and Loughborough Town Club for last 5 years replique montre de luxe france and has also played for Leicestershire county cricket for last 3 years.

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The Tulu people are a multicultural group native to the Tulu Nadu region of India, presently divided amongst the districts of Dakshina Kanada and  Udupi of Karnataka and Kasargod Taluk of Kerala.. There replica watches is a sizable emigrant Tuluva population in Mumbai, the Middle East, and in several countries of the Anglosphere.

Tuluvas have a saying: "Oorudu nanji aanda paardh badkodu". A loose translation would be: "If it's tough at home; run away and survive". Tuluvas are true to this character and have migrated to other places in great numbers.

 Even today Tulu is widely spoken in the Dakshina Kannada,Rolex Replica Watches Udupi district of Karnataka state and Kasaragod of Kerala and efforts are also being made to include Tulu in the list of Official languages of India.


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